What’s Trending: Micro weddings

As the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.
And luckily, the wedding industry has certainly wowed us with a fresh twist on matrimonial events: Small, intimate celebrations known as “micro weddings.”

Same Traditions, Smaller Scale

Since the pandemic, micro weddings have become THE option for hopeful couples that want to safely celebrate with close family and friends.
For many, the concept is #winning—couples can still have a traditional celebration but on a smaller scale. Guest counts are usually between 1-50 people.

Less is More

Most couples spend on average $30,000; but micro weddings can mean more money in your pocket. Or, you can take that same budget and kick things up a notch (Personalized favors and cascading orchards from the ceiling?? I’ll take it!) And let’s not forget the venue space—many couples walk away from gorgeous, intimate venues because of large guest lists. Smaller guest counts give you a better chance of booking your dream

Save the Date

Many couples have considered canceling, pushing out the date or even going to the courthouse. However, micro weddings make it possible to jump the broom on time, as scheduled. And because the count is smaller, you’ll be able to spend more time mingling with your guests for an unforgettable evening

Browse our gallery to see some of our favorite micro weddings from 2020.

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