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Kailyn + Jordan

Cynthia + Terance

Kayla + Patrick

Shannon + Michael

Destiny + Jaylon

Randi + Brandon

Tiara + Brian

Ambria + Trevante

Travain + James

Shaana + Therial

Candra + DayQuan

Chenea + Kenneth

Shonda + Brandon

-Montina + Aaron

I am a planner by nature but I can honestly say a wedding, MY Wedding, was the one thing I found that intimidated me. The major details such as when and where were covered, but my groom and I were struggling with the HOW. The flexibility, responsiveness, the detailed nature, and the positive attitude from the SDS team (Shawon & Tiara) was important for a couple like us going through multiple life changes at the same time (new jobs, school, moving, etc.) 

"If you want your journey to marital bliss to start off on the right foot, book SDS Events. FIVE STARS!"

- Chenae + Kenneth

Where do I even begin? Only being able to rate 5 stars to SDS is not even fair. Planning a wedding can be extremely challenging and when I first met with SDS, I knew immediately that our day, this experience and my level of happiness would be unmatched. They even made my idea of having a food truck at the end of the night come to life! Now that is what I call getting it done!

"SDS is the best of the best and I would recommend them to anyone who is planning a wedding."

- Candra + DaQuan

Getting married during Covid is already stressful enough and Shawon and her team made sure that for my husband and I’s wedding day that everything went perfect from start to finish. My wedding day was one of the best days of my life and that is owed entirely to Shawon and her team who paid attention to every detail, made sure my husband and I kept a drink in our hand at the reception, and overall just ensured a seamless experience from start to finish. 

"Don’t hesitate to book Shawon !! She is beyond amazing and truly talented at what she does."

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