Whether it’s classic white or a pop of color, we’re showcasing a multitude of gorgeous, #SDSapproved wedding shoes for the modern bride:


Add a little dazzle to your wintery-themed wedding with a sparkling pair of heels! A beautiful bow adds a fun and playful detail!


A classic pair of Jimmy Choo’s are always among our top 10!


Warmth, comfort and elegance are all wrapped up in this perfect pair!


Beautiful ice-like sculpture spark the center of attention. Coated in a multitude of jewels for an alluring finish.


We say #IDo to these winter-perfect beauties, too! Wonderful shot!

Which show-stoppers will you use to step into your wedding season? Share with us!

Ladies and Gents,

It’s that time again! If you’re newly engaged, I would highly suggest that you check out the upcoming Bridal Showcase on Januaryshowcase 31, 2016 at the Convention Center. It’s a wonderful way to kick things off. You’ll get to mix and mingle with some of the best vendors and professionals in the area, along with the chance  to win big prizes (who wouldn’t enjoy a FREE honeymoon package?).

This event is sponsored  BelkParty Reflections,David’s Bridal and Carolina Bride.

Even if you don’t book with any of the vendors there, it’s a great experience and will definitely give you some inspiration! Take many pictures, and when it’s time to plan your wedding, you’ll already have a jumpstart as to what you’d like for your dream day!


Trust me: You’re not the first nor the last. And as much as you may think that this will ruin your perfect wedding day, think again and remember:

Whether it’s black and gold, 

Blush and blue, 

What matters is the union of the two. 

Coming together to share a life as one, 

Filled with love, laughter and amazing fun.swatches

With sooo many different color palettes and combos to choose from, I’m pretty sure there’s another one that will look just as stunning on your bridesmaids and groomsmen.

I recently ran into a young lady who ended up having to change her groomsman attire because the color she envisioned for them wouldn’t be available until two weeks before her wedding. Needless to say, she was devastated at first. But then, after a few days, she began looking at other color combinations, and found tone that she felt fit the girls’ dresses even better! Plus, her fiancé chose a custom-made suit that looks more sleek, sophisticated and fitting for their modern-themed wedding.

Also keep in mind, your wedding planner will make sure that the new color scheme continues to flow perfectly throughout what is already in motion. It may take a bit of small tweaking (and sometimes it doesn’t require many), but rest assure everything will still turn out lovely!

So ladies, understand that sometimes, there will be small hiccups in the planning process. But whatever you do, try not to lose your cool – when wedding planning gives you lemons, make the sweetest lemonade you can (and serve it at the wedding ;-))

What are some small hiccups you’ve encountered during your wedding planning?


One of my favorite parts of wedding planning has to be choosing the perfect stationary items to help tie the “wedding story” together. Nowadays, you have so many designs to choose from! The perfect fonts, along with the perfect color palette can create a beautiful, informative and directional portion for save the dates, invitations, seating charts and more.

To end the year, I thought it would be fun to head out with some of the fanciest I’ve seen yet, and absolutely LOVE:


Ahhh…the beautiful glitz and glam of the blush and gold wedding combo. It’s so elegant, and is perfect duo for almost any season. Find this gorgeous look, among others, on a neat blog I found, called Just Invite Me.

Floral WaterColor

This style is blooming with gorgeous colors, spring and summery palettes, and calligraphy that’s just to die for! Created with a personal touch of playfulness and elegance. Julie Song Ink is the creator of this lovely design!


Bring a little rustic flair to your rustic-themed wedding with a pleasant combination of lace-like cutouts, and natural colors. Perfect for outdoor weddings. Find more of these at Elegant Wedding Invites.

If you need help choosing, you can always consult with your wedding planner at SDS events. We look forward to helping you with your stationary items, along with pulling together the full vision for your wedding day!



I know a couple that just recently got engaged, and after a couple of weeks of thinking about the “perfect wedding,” the two landed on what they felt was the best idea ever:

Make it a weekend affair. A three-day event to be exact.

While this may not be the traditional way, it’s a pretty cool concept, and doesn’t necessarily have to cost two times the amount of a beautiful, one-day affair.

Some couples feel that this is also a great opportunity for their close friends and family to mingle with and get to know one another on more than one occasion.

If you see yourself wanting to host a three-day event, The Knot has listed a few helpful ways to break down each day of events:

Friday: Have a Welcome Party

Hors d’oeuvres, anyone? With out-of town guests and local family members prepping for the big day, it’s a pretty neat way to welcome guests. A little music and a little food pave the way to a relaxing and sociable atmosphere. This could also take the place of rehearsal dinner at a local restaurant, indoor or outdoor venue. Some venues will allow you to use them for both wedding day and a few hours for dinner rehearsal the day before- this is a perfect opportunity to host the welcome party!

Saturday: Wedding Day

This is the most important piece to an epic three-day event. Whether big or small, this day will be more memorable, with relatives joining

Sunday: Farewell Brunch

Plan a small send-off brunch for guests, along with exchanging your good-byes before heading on your honeymoon. Sometimes, couples may feel that they weren’t able to spend much time with those who’ve flown in from all over.

Of course, planning a three-day event may be a bit of a challenge, but with SDS Events, you’ll be able to execute your vision flawlessly.

piggyWhen it comes to the budget, no matter how large or small, it’s important that couples figure out the best strategy for paying off your wedding. The last thing you need to be stressing over a month before the wedding is whether you’ll have enough to pay off remaining balances.

Before planning, sit down with your spouse-to-be and decide on a budget. Find out from your parents if/how much they are contributing.

Once you figure out how much is being contributed, and set an actual budget estimate how much could the two of you can afford to put up per month to go toward the wedding. Then, strive to meet this goal monthly. Once you’ve collected lump sums, start paying off some of your vendors, and keep track of receipts so you’ll know for sure how much you’ve paid and what’s left. Food and beverages, for certain instances, can be paid off once you’ve gotten your final head count. SDS events provides you with a binder, so if you’d like, feel free to use it as receipt tracker as well.

Also, marking off payments as “Paid In Full!”, “Halfway There!”, or “Almost There!” adds a fun, relieving element to the entire process. You’ll feel accomplished on your way to the Big Day!

Strategizing and paying off your wedding can also be looked at as one of the first things you’ll do as a team together. Proper planning and communicating will help introduce you to a very important factor of marriage – which is being able to cooperate and work together to get things accomplished!

Avoid, if you can, having to pay everything in a couple of weeks before the wedding to relieve debt stress.

What creative strategies did you and your spouse come up with to pay for the Big Day?


photo taken from Dr. Meredith Hansen

photo taken from Dr. Meredith Hansen

Let’s talk about pre-wedding woes. Just recently, I started thinking about common things that tend to stress brides out during the planning phase and came up with, what I would categorize as the Top 10:

  • Parents/ Family
  • Being indecisive on selections
  • The budget
  • Trimming down the guest list
  • Deciding on the “perfect” outfits for engagement photos
  • Wondering if the weather will be pleasant
  • Wanting to people please everyone
  • Setting entirely too strict weight loss goals (and sometimes unrealistic)
  • Everyone wanting to extend a “helping hand” but doing more harm than good
  • I’ve done all of this planning but haven’t planned for the actual marriage

Ladies, trust me when I say this, but this is all common. And sometimes, we’ll sit and stress out about these things, only leaving ourselves miserable throughout the process. But might I suggest something?

Beyond wedding magazines, there are several books, websites and articles that will help you live through and leave the long days of sweating the “small stuff” behind:

These are just a few to get you started.

At the end of the day (especially when you have a wedding planner), a bride should not feel stressed out and unhappy! This is a pivotal moment and journey in your life, so make it memorable 😉

Brides, how did you learn to handle pre-wedding stress?


Hello beautiful brides! It’s that time again…mark your calendars for a fabulous bridal showcase at the Holiday Inn Charlotte (Center City) on October 18, 2015!

What’s so great about bridal showcases is that you’ll become familiar with some of the city’s top vendors, sample hors d’oeuvres from Café Siena, gather wedding inspiration and even have the opportunity to take home prizes! From bridal tees to grand giveaways, you’re guaranteed to have fun! And who knows, you might even receive discounts from vendors by being in attendance.

This event is free to all brides and grooms (other guests, $5 each). Don’t forget to register!


taken from theknot.com

taken from The Knot

As the weather cools and the leaves turn, it’s clear that autumn is in the air! This season has to be one of my favorites, and seems so perfect for weddings!

Imagine a wedding filled with bold, rich color palette, from the smallest detail to prettiest bridesmaids dresses. And with so many images swirling between Pinterest and top wedding sites, it’s easy to get inspired for your dream wedding.

Whether you’re going for an indoor or outdoor wedding, here are some gorgeous fall color combinations we love:

  • Rust, gold & jade: Choose any combination of these hues for a deep, brilliant glow.
  • Purple, mint & silver: It’s a different, yet popular look for the next couple of years. Pull off a royal look with these rich tones.
  • Tangerine, ivory, & chocolate: Give your wedding a world of earthy tones for beautiful details that fall well into the natural backdrop of the season.

These are just a few of the many color combinations our there. So before you choose, get inspired from other sites like The Knot, The Perfect Palette, Wedding Paper Divas and Bridal Guide.

Is there a unique fall color combo you’re being inspired by? Share with us – we’d love to hear!


This past weekend was so amazing. I was truly blessed as I watched God’s work. Four richly blessed people, 2 beautiful weddings, both orchestrated to perfection, both mini productions with so many moving parts, most importantly all family and friends supportive and encouraging and truly loving of both unions. I am in love with the fact that I have the opportunity to do God’s work week after week, one wedding at a time.

To not only witness but be apart of this beautiful union , to witness the love these two have for each other leaves me somewhat speechless. I’ve had the honor of planning their nuptials over the last year. Along the way we bonded, and for me our relationship became more than just “Planner-Client.” I was so happy to see this day come to fruition, with no vision they trusted me to give them the wedding day they knew they wanted but couldn’t quite picture.

To hear these words from the Groom all day, “Oh you did this” makes my heart smile.
Love was in the air and Christ was at the center as they spoke their vows to each other. I was left with a knot in my throat and wet eyelashes as I witnessed God’s work. Thank you, Crystal & Jamar, for trusting me! Love you guys!!

More pics to come :-)