Can I afford to hire an Event Planner?

Let’s be honest, any extraordinary event, whether it’s a cocktail party for 10 or wedding for 300, requires months of planning, finances, labor and aggravation. Consider the activities you currently perform everyday… now add to that the orchestration of a fabulous wedding for 150 of your closet family and friends… NOW ask yourself…. Can you afford not to?


What is the cost for the services of a planner?

The cost of your particular package will vary as services are customized to accommodate your preferences, needs and expectations. The monetary cost of hiring a consultant however, should be considered a part of your overall event budget and not an added expense.

Working with a consultant can in fact SAVE you money as well as time by suggesting less expensive alternatives within your budget. Allow us to assist in bringing your visions to life…because after all, your resources may be limited, but the possibilities are not!


I’m engaged, now what?

Congratulations on your engagement! We recognize that while this is indeed a joyous time in your life, there may be many questions or concerns you have regarding your special day. We can assist with the planning process from the very beginning of your coordination to assuring that last minute details have been accounted for. We will schedule a complimentary initial meeting, to further discuss what you envision for your day.


With all of the resources currently on the market, can’t I plan my own wedding?

Of course you can! While we agree that there are many resources for your wedding, working with a consultant will help to “weed out” all the unnecessary steps in the planning process and alleviate stress. Consultants have access to a variety of vendors which otherwise would take numerous hours to research and time is money. You are in control of all of the decisions for your special day and we work to see that your wishes are correctly executed.


I have decided to use the skills of my family and friends for the reception, invitations, etc. How would a consultant benefit me?

We welcome assistance from participants of your choice. We will work to assure that everyone is on the same page and coordinate the details of the itinerary with all of the involved parties, to avoid any misconceptions. Think back to any holiday dinner you may have hosted or attended. There’s nothing worse than hearing on your wedding day-“Oh, I thought someone else was doing that”.